The First Blog.


  For years, I’ve been sweating over my future after high school. What college I should go in, whether I’ll be accepted in the university of my choice and if I’ll get all the courses  I want. Whenever I would talk to someone about my aims and what I wanted to do, the language that their eyes spoke was enough for my feelings to get hurt.

  I would over-analyze things that were in front of me and over-think things that weren’t even there. My whole existence had become a maze. A maze that I wanted to escape but couldn’t find any way out.

  So, today, I sat myself down and decided that I needed to clear my head and focus on things that are important right now because that is what life is about. Living in the present.

  As I’m writing this, all I can think about is the textbook in front of me and the minimised tab waiting for me to re-write the first chapter of the book that has haunted my mind and heart since I realised where my happiness lies.

  I’ve enough time today to accomplish my present goals and I can’t let it slip through my hands.

  Incognito Fate




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