The Dark and The Light


  Our existence is divided into three parts. 

  The dark, the light, and the unknown. 

  In simple words. 

  The past, the present, and the future. 

  Going back a few weeks, something happened that brought back the dreadful darkness that I had once shoved away with all my remaining will and power. I was empty inside. 

  I always thought that I’d successfully escaped from the swamp of my past but I was wrong. I was only half-way out and vulnerable when a certain person decided to show up and push me back to the place that I was most afraid of. 

  The days after that weren’t any better, I was spiraling down into an abyss where my eyes didn’t work but my heart and my head ached with a pain that was unfathomable. 

  I was going back to the place were nothing was right and everything seemed like a catastrophe. 

  Deep inside, I knew that I didn’t want to go back there, again, because as far away from the reality as the place was, it was filled with sorrow and pain. 

  My eyes, by now, had become used to the light that I had called the present and I wanted nothing more than to return to it but the question was, how?

  Instead of falling down, I willed myself to stay at one place and realized that the power of falling and flying did not belong to anyone else but me. 

 I focused on my aim to reach the light and forget about what lies in the dark. It took a little time but in the end, my eyes could see again and my heart and head didn’t ache anymore. 

  To test myself, I talked to the person next day and I had never been so happy because I knew that the darkness was out of my life this time. 

  For good. 


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